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Here you can read about our progress and obstacles we meet. We want to share with you what a life of a PhD researcher look like and what occupies our heads. Hope you will find it useful


EMI in CENELEC A frequency band

A lot of problems appear in the communication due to the presence of harmonics and conducted Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in the power cables due to the increasing amount of devices utilizing switching frequencies in the frequency range of narrowband communication in CENELEC A band. In this blog we are going to explore the types of electromagnetic interference in a CENELEC A frequency band. Read more...

Waseem, 14.07.2020


Outreach activities, and now, what I do?

One of the SCENT project primary mission is the dissemination and communication initiatives directed towards the general public. The primary goal is to create awareness of the importance of research to society and to raise awareness of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, based on the principle "public engagement" of the "European Charter for Researchers." Read more...

Hermes, 16.06.2020

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

FFT example, part 1.

Time domain and frequency domain are two complementary ways of looking at a signal. Usually, to switch from time domain to frequency domain, we use Fourier Transform. However, looking more closely at Fourier Transform, one can realize that there are many things that should be taken into consideration. This example is aimed at demonstrating the effect of bandwidth on the measurement of some standard waveforms. Read more...

Dave and Karol, 16.06.2020


Struggling with writing?

Don't worry, we all do. Writing articles is a big part of every scientists' life. Sometimes you don't know where to start, other times you realize that you don't know what you were talking about. Dasha wants to share some more personal thoughts on the writing process. Read more....

Daria, 30.03.2020


Cable Modelling in SACAMOS

SACAMOS (State-of-the-Art CAble MOdels for Spice) is a software for modelling the cables propagation and external field coupling with all cable properties and frequency dependent values that effect performance of cables. In this post we will show some of SACAMOS' features. Read more...

Venkat, 29.03.2020

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

What is dB?

Many of us heard about "decibels". In fact, for an electrical engineer decibles should be a bread and butter. But to use them properly, one needs to know what they really mean. Sometimes it is needed to refresh the basics. Let's refresh them together. Read more...

Karol, 28.03.2020

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