Secondment in the Netherlands

At the beginning of June, in a cheerful day for the United Kingdom (it was the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth) my colleague Karol and I left a vibrant London toward Enschede in order to carry out the second part of the secondment at the University of Twente and in Thales. Unlikely the first time, we landed in a very rainy Amsterdam, and it was quite adventurous to reach Enschede with such a weather. We thought nothing could be rainier than Nottingham in June. Apparently, we were wrong! Look at the picture if you don’t believe me.
Once we arrived at the University of Twente, we were glad to catch up with some of the other researchers from Scent and other sister projects as well as the two supervisors, Dr. Vogt and Dr. Moonen (Robert and Niek as known in a friendly way). 

In Thales we met Evelina Tourglolou who took care of us and assigned us the task we had to work on. Few days from the beginning we had the opportunity to hold a meeting with Prof. Leferink in Thales. Nice things came out academic and network wise. 

During our journey in the Netherlands, we had the opportunity to attend the Research Showcase at the Technical University of Eindhoven where Dasha Nemashkalo (another ESR from Scent) and I had the opportunity to outreach about Scent achievements. It was very nice to get to talk to people from academia and industry. Moreover, during this secondment we could attend the EMC-ESD event in Kennismarkt . It was very constructive for ESRs to attend such an event where plenty of presentations about the updates in the EMC field were given as well as new technologies were presented by companies such as Rhode and Schwarz

Finally, as usually, secondment means not only a lot of research work but also enjoying some new places. Indeed, during the weekend Karol and I were amazed by the beauty of Den Haag which is the political centre of the Netherlands and were we could have a very nice and long walk toward the sea. 

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