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Introducing the SCENT Early Stage Researchers

Meet the Early Stage Researchers and Learn More About Their Individual Research Projects

Work Package 5

Waseem Wafik Saad E Sayed

My Area of Research: Performance Evaluation of the Effect of Power Converters Modulation on Power line Communication 

Recently, the use of smart grid technology increase, this is followed by an increase in the use of power converter to extract the power from renewable energy sources. Consequently, high-level of conducted electromagnetic interference is introduced in the circuit, which effects on the communication between the smart grid elements. As a result, the possibility of data transition error increase in communication. My research focuses on the influence of power converter modulation techniques: deterministic and random modulation, on the performance of the Power Line Communication (PLC) signal. In addition, the effect of changing the distance between the source of the EMI and the sending device.

My Area of Research: Behavioural modelling and simulation of active components, focus on energy suppliers (PV, inverters), so T-F, V-I.

My Area of Research: Investigation and development of parameterised macro/behavioural models (T-F, V-I) for complex platforms.

Work Package 6

My Research Area: Statistical modelling of non-linear devices, and impact of their spread and large numbers .

My Research Area: Statistical modelling and installation optimisation, focus on harmonic indices for micro grids or weak distribution systems and  the transport sector.

Work Package 7

Venkatkumar Muneeswaran

My Area of Research: Experimental characterization, with focus on behavioural/macro parameters for sub-grids, and implement statistical evaluation  methods in (long-term) monitoring instrumentation with a focus on the micro grids and the transport sector.

My Area of Research: Evaluationon techniques for in-situ measurement and monitoring, taking fast and slow, large dynamic range and monitoring into  account, using modern multi-channel digitisers employing over-sampling for large dynamic range.

Work Package 8

My Research Area: Probabilistic large-system EMI (interaction) analysis using EM topology, and embedding the validated models from WP6.

Daria Nemashkalo

My Research Area: Large-system EMI analysis using EM topology, and embedding the validated models from WP5.

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