Outreach activities, and now, what I do?

Throughout 2019 and 2020, all the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) have been developed several outreach activities. In this blog, I would like to present several of these outreach activities. The restrictions caused by the COVID-19 virus forced us to work from home, but this also offered opportunities to attend online courses and summer schools from other MSCA projects, such as PETER and ETOPIA. However, first, I would like to elaborate on outreach activities before the outbreak.

Recently the SCENT ESRs from UZ participated in the "Open day of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Automation at the University of Zielona Góra."

Demonstrations, laboratory workshops, lectures, and meetings with future employers were the main context of the "Open day" event. High school students came to the University of Zielona Góra from different parts of Poland, more than 800 students from 21 schools attended the "Open day" event.

From the SCENT project viewpoint, there was an excellent opportunity to introduce the EMC practical research developed by the SCENT ESRs, through the Lab demonstration (Fig.1). The new students were highly motivated and asked interesting questions. There was a lot of interest in the comprehension of those phenomena and the applicability in the industrial environment. The Polish language was a challenge. However, Prof. Dr. Piotr Leżyński coordinated all the demonstrations, which made communication easy.

For further pieces of information: https://gorzow.tvp.pl/46845837/dzien-otwarty-wydzialu- informatyki-elektrotechniki-i-automatyki-uniwersytetu-zielonogorskiego

Fig.1a - EMC laboratory demonstrations at University of Zielona Góra.

Fig. 2a - SCENT is present!

Furthermore, outreach activities opportunities as the ILA Science Slam at #AeroDays2020 were reached. The ILA Science Slam event is exciting for a young researcher who loves science and believes that his research topic is fascinating. Slammers have 10 minutes to present their research project. It made easy to understand, made entertaining, and showing the audience why this particular research matters. Researchers use their specific way of communication. There are no limits to creativity! However, this dissemination activity was interrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19. The event is postponed, and SCENT ESRs will attend later.

For further pieces of information: https://www.ila-berlin.de/en/conference/4955

The social networks used by the SCENT ESRs to update their EMC research and SCENT events; it has become an essential environment for continuing outreach activities (Fig.2). You can follow our activities via our website, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Nowadays, the approach of outreach activities using the modern media might increase, once it is possible to attend a lot of webinars, YouTube and Instagram live, and online meetings as the summer schools from other MSCA projects, such as PETER (Fig.3) and ETOPIA (Fig.4).

Fig. 3 presents a mix and pieces of information on the soft-skill training and scientific and technical training provided by the MSCA PETER Project. Several themes were discussed, such as Structured Working, Giving a high-impact presentation, Short-Pulse Technologies with Illustrative Applications, and Introduction to Risk Analysis.

Fig. 4 presents a mix and pieces of information on the soft-skill training and scientific and technical training provided by the MSCA ETOPIA Project. Several themes were discussed, such as Structured Working, Ethics, and research integrity, How to get your paper published, Open Access: what and how for ETOPIA, Multi-channel synchronous time-domain EMI measurements, Low-Frequency Radiation from Wind Turbines, and How to deal with different European People.

These activities enable smooth interaction with people acting in several technological sectors. We expect a lot of interaction with ESRs from other MSCA projects, such as PETER and ETOPIA. Since the challenges were introduced by the COVID-19, the online meetings provide the first interactions.

On the other hand, one direct way to disseminate all the contents nowadays has been through the "live," mainly by YouTube and Instagram social media. Recently, the SCENT ESR 2 – Hermes Loschi, took part in one YouTube and Instagram live promoted by Bright Cities company.

The main proposal of this YouTube and Instagram live was to discuss the "The importance of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for cities," in Portuguese "A importância da Compatibilidade Eletromagnética (EMC) para cidades." Moreover, this YouTube and Instagram live was the first attempt from the Bright Cities company, in the EMC topic. Therefore, it was decided by the CEO Raquel Cardamone, proceed with the live, in both social media in Portuguese. The SCENT ERS 2 – Hermes Loschi, accepted the invitation. Also, the live had the participation of Eng. MSc Kelem Jordão – Hardware Compliance Engineering by IBM Brazil, and Ph.D. candidate by UNICAMP.

Fig. 5 presents a mix and pieces of information on the marketing folder and Instagram disseminations.

Fig. 5a Bright Cities Instagram entry.

Fig. 5b SCENT Instagram entry.

The YouTube and Instagram live content was discussed in the context (Fig.6):

"The importance of EMC for cities is linked to how important standards are. Mainly to establish conformity in the interaction between the various systems present in a city, with emphasis on electrical and electronic systems."

For further pieces of information: https://youtu.be/5wtHv44lQLI

Fig. 6a Hermes in discussion with Bright Cities CEO, Raquel Cardamone.

Fig. 6b Hermes, Raquel Cardamone from Bright Cities and Kelem Jordão from IBM Brazil

We aim to continue to share all our activities and results with society by using the channels mentioned in this blog. Though all the ESRs continued with the primary task about journal and conference papers developments. To create awareness outside the specialist domains, the use of modern media and shared environments, should become a daily tool, and much more potent in later times of COVID-19.

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