Secondment at Siemens

As adapted by the MSCA-ITN SCENT project, teleworking and virtual secondment activities has enabled secondment activities for continued work development.

As most industries and colleges where teleworking is encouraged due to covid 19 constraints, Secondment has now become a virtual work.

Luckily, I received Siemens PLC visit for two days in the middle of March 2020 as a secondment in an industry, I discussed the Work I have done for a year as a researcher at the University of Nottingham, and I was able to discuss the project that the organization is interested in on electromagnetic compatibility and their interference.

They also allocated a task to develop a cable model as part of this secondment industry and research the intrusion of cables and connectors used in converter and motor applications. And so I need to do this task with experimentation and simulation. 

Secondment work got delayed due to discharge of lab activity in the university due to covid'19 limitations. I used the Work from home nomenclature for doing some literature review on this exciting Work and also some exciting cooking in my kitchen.

The process starts with literature survey on conducted emissions from cables and effect on converter operation and also in the meantime try to simulate the whole setup in a simulation environment. Once the simulation is done for different types and length of cables used for operating the motor through the converter, then it is validated by experimenting the same setup real world and report the validation to the industry.

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