Public documents and reports showing partial SCENT results.


Open Research Data Pilot

D10.1 Research Data Management Plan Download
D10.2 Update of DMP Download
D10.3 Update of DMP Download
D10.4 Final delivery of DMP Download


Websites, patent fillings, videos, etc.

D3.1 Project Website Download
D4.19 Make and Publish Short Movies on YouTube Download
D4.21 Develop and Update Website Download
D4.22 Develop and Update Website Download
D4.23 Develop and Update Website Download
D4.24 Use LinkedIn Download
D4.26 Use LinkedIn profile for discussion Download
D4.27 Develop and update Wikipedia sites Download
D4.28 Develop and update Wikipedia sites Download
D4.30 Use Twitter Download
D4.31 Use Twitter Download
D4.32 Use Twitter Download


Documents, reports

Articles in popular magazines and local newspapers Download
D2.1 SCENT Summer School I Download
D2.3 SCENT Special Session/Workshop Download
D2.4 SCENT Special Session/Workshop Download
D2.6 SCENT Summer School III Download
D2.7 Awarding Joint PhD to 9 ESRs Download
D3.2 Public engagement: tutorial Download
D3.3 Public engagement: tutorial Download
D3.5 Scientific articles: journal papers Download
D3.6 Scientific articles: journal papers Download
D3.7 Scientific articles: proceedings Download
D3.8 Scientific articles: proceedings Download
D3.9 Scientific articles: proceedings Download
D3.10 Scientific articles: proceedings Download
D3.11 Exploitation plan Download
D3.12 Final SCENT Symposium Download
D4.1 Dedicated Workshop Download
D4.10 Article in popular magazine and newspapers Download
D4.11 Articles in popular magazines and local newspapers Download
D4.18 Support "zero energy village" Download
D5.1 Simulation and measurement results of simple devices Download
D5.2 Validated behavioural model of simple devices Download
D5.3 Behavioural models of equipment devices Download
D5.4 Simulation results using parametric models Download
D5.6 Behavioural Model Creator From Spice Download
D6.1 Measurement results of actual platforms with distributed nondeterministic layouts Download
D6.2 Basic Deterministic Model and Measurement of Conducted EMI in Power Electronic Converters Download
D6.3 Statistical Model Based on Variational Simulation Techniques Download
D6.4 Validated model for non-linear loads and widely separated networks Download
D6.6 Toolbox with techniques for statistical analysis and optimization Download
D7.1 Evaluation of Conventional Techniques and Their Limitations Download
D7.2 Hardware and Software for Multi-channel Low-Cost Digitizers Download
D7.3 Breakout boxes and probes Download
D7.4 In-situ measurements and validated results Download
D7.6 Guide on measurements Download
D7.7 Design guidance for more cost effective measures Download
D8.1 Define interfaces betwen the models and tools Download
D8.2 Evaluation of the selected models and tools Download
D8.3 Suite of tools to predict PQ of complex platform & determine risk of interference Download
D8.4 Guide for corrections in current standards Download



D4.3 Experiments at conferences Download
D4.4 Experiments at conferences Download
D4.12 Research domes at Universities for high school students Download
D4.14 School visit Download


Demonstrators, pilots, prototypes

D4.16 Demonstrator Download

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