Hemes José Loschi (born Octuber 1990, São Paulo, Brazil). He received his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Telecommunications and Telematics by the University of Campinas (2016), and his bachelor's degree in Control and Automation Engineering by the Paulista University (2014). During his last years of graduation (2011-2014), he worked as a Technical Analyst in a Germany company on Brazil responsible for developing high-speed DIESEL engines for marine propulsion systems, drive systems for Oil & Gas and Power Generation applications. 

He also worked (2014-2018) as a researcher in a research group focused on the development of Smart and Sustainable Cities, where he main area of research was Photovoltaic Solar Generation Application which included: Courses, Lectures, and Outreach actions. Organization of Symposiums, Workshops, Technical, and Group Meeting. Editorial and Review Activities, and publication of Books, Chapters of Books, Articles in Conference Proceedings and Articles in Journals. Since April 2019, he started as a Ph.D. on SCENT-Smart Cities EMC Network for Training project in the Department of Power System of Institute of Electrical Engineering, University of Zielona Góra, Poland. As ESR 2, his topic is statistical modeling of non-linear devices and the impact of their spread and large numbers.  

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