EMC+SIPI 2021 SCENT Special Session

We would like to invite to participate in the Special Session organized by the members of the SCENT project. The Special Session will be held on 11th of August at 2021 JOINT IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY, SIGNAL & POWER INTEGRITY, AND EMC EUROPE conference from 26th of July to 20th of August 2021. The name of the session is Advanced Methods to Model, Evaluate, and Measure Electromagnetic interference at Low Frequency in Transportation and Renewable Energy Systems.

The special session will provide an overview on low-frequency (i.e., starting from 2 kHz) Electromagnetic Compatibility issues in transportation and renewable energy systems, where the wide diffusion of power electronics converters is giving rise to increasing levels of conducted emissions with consequent problems in terms of coexistence between power and data lines. The session will include presentations about: (a) Power Quality and EMC Issues in the low-frequency range; (b) Modelling and simulation of power converters exploited in transportation and smart grid systems; and (c) topics for future standardization. The session is organized in the framework of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie (Horizon 2020) projects SCENT (Smart Cities EMC Network for Training) and ETOPIA (European Training network Of PhD researchers on Innovative EMI Analysis and Power Applications (ETOPIA), and will include ten papers.

If you interested to join our session, please visit https://www.emc2021.emcss.org/ for further information.

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