EMC Europe 2019 & Supervisory Board Meeting

We attended EMC Europe Conference 2019 in Barcelona where we had the opportunity to meet scientific community working in Electromagnetic Compatibility. That was a time of making our first connections with the EMC community, full of fruitful conversations, interesting talks and workshops.

It was also time for sharing our first working experience with members of the supervisory board and representatives of the industrial partners. Each ESR had to present a short talk about his background and first experiences as a researcher. We were all stressed but we hope we made a good first impression!

Finally, it was time we could get to know each other a little more, talk as members of the same team.

For example, we chose Hermes, to be our representative for the next Supervisory Board meeting!

We have wandered around streets of Barcelona, admiring the beauty of this city. We hope to go back there some day in the future.

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