2022 IEEE EMC+SIPI Workshop

Low Frequency EMI and Modelling of Conducted
Interference in Systems with Multiple Converters

We invite you to participate in the workshop "Low Frequency EMI and Modelling of Conducted Interference in Systems with Multiple Converters". The workshop is held on the 1st of August, at 8:30am-12pm in Room 402B of the Spokane Convention Centre in Spokane, Washington, USA.

With the increasing complexity of the main grids of electrical power generation and consumption, the investigation of the radiated and conducted EM emissions becomes the main research task. One of the main emission sources is power converters which have a high impact on the operation of all in-grid devices. Due to the different working frequencies, the spectrum of outgoing emissions could vary from several kHz to several tenth MHz and higher, while a lot of problems are reported for the low- frequency range (2-150 kHz). This leads to poor electromagnetic compatibility between the interconnected devices and the grid, resulting in extra costs to reduce the emissions. Manufacturers and engineers are required to consider the complex interactions between devices present in the grid. However, in order to predict such interactions, the behavior of the system, where multiple interference sources are present needs to be understood. This IEEE+SIPI 2022 workshop aims to discuss the existing problems and methodologies to model and predict the Conducted Interference caused by multiple converters present in the system, with particular attention to the low-frequency range.

The workshop consists of four presentations:

1. "Assessment of the Aggregation and Propagation of Conducted Emissions in Power System," Dave Thomas, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

2. "Pearson's Random Walk Approach to Evaluating Interference Generated by a Group of Converters," Robert Smolenski, Uniwersytet Zielonog√≥rski, Poland

3. "Modelling of Power Converters as Sources of EMI in Modern Power Networks," Antonella Ragusa, INM-National Council of Research (CNR), Italy

4. "Common-Mode EMI Noise Analysis and Reduction for AC-DC-AC Traction Systems with Paralleled Power Modules," Shuo Wang, University of Florida, USA

We are sure it is going to be a great workshop and hope to see you there!